Meet with Punkat Music

Hello! I am Tansel Günay from PUNKAT MUSIC S.à.r.l.-S

I live in Luxembourg since 2010 and PUNKAT MUSIC STUDIO is located in STEINSEL.

I am producing audios for any kind of projects mostly in Turkey (Documentaries, Movies, TV Series, Advertisements...).

And also have more than 25 years of experience in Music Industry as performer and audio mixer (Sound Technician in Live Shows, Recording Solutions, Mixing/Editing/Mastering with any DAW).

SAE - Mixing Certificate

MMA - Mixing Certificate

Some of my audios used in different works:

-Punkat Music is official label of turkish rock band "Timsah'ın Gözyaşları" and we published their single in March 2020 Dedi ; Mastered by Tansel Günay in Punkat Music Studio (Steinsel/Luxembourg) (2020)

-Punkat Demo Album ; Mixed & Mastered of old recordings (from 80's and 90's) in Kadikoy/Isanbul (2011)

-Web Horror Series Generic Song (Mynet project - PARADOKS)

-Googleplay Game themes (Platform Game)

-Android market application effects (Explotion)

-Hundreds of Royalty Free music sales for advertisements, company logos and presentations, videos, radio announcements and apps

-And I am working with many professional musicians for recording, mixing, editing/mastering and/or publishing their tracks.

Some of them are:

- Office of Weird | Luxembourg

- Makyō | Luxembourg

- Saigon Traffic | Turkey

- Thalamus Project | Luxembourg

- Luso Academy | UK

- S'word Play | USA

- Hakan Çağlar | Turkey

- Mau da Faca | Portugal

In summary,

I offer to take part in your projects. And offering is not only fast and reliable services, but also my highly artistic skills.

Please do not hesitate to contact with PUNKAT MUSIC anytime with any inquiries of yours.


35 Rue J.F. Kennedy L-7327 Steinsel, LUXEMBOURG



-Availability in weekdays : from 06PM

-Availability in week-ends : from 09AM

-Check our free days & slots form here : Calendar

-Net 15m2 rehearsal area

-Recording(audio and/or video) Options, Pro equipments and Acoustique Elements for a balanced sound is available

-It is also possible to make your own demo or cover tracks, here. No need to have a drummer, bassist or guitarist to sing and record your favourite songs or compositions. Just ask me and I can prepare pro quality backingtracks for you.

Please listen the sample below which recorded in Punkat Music Studio and call for more info.

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